Writer & Comedian

Born in a small fishing village (Oysterbay Cove) in the early 80’s, a young Steven Leeds realized he would never be a great fisherman. At first this perturbed the lad, but it didn’t stop him from trying. Every weekend, on alternating months, excluded to odd numbered months, and only months beginning with the letter A, Steven lived his dream. But he lacked several necessary traits including balance, dexterity, and shear man power. Some say Steven cried a river the day he realized his meagerness, but he would never catch a fish in that river.

The 90’s were not much better to an older and wiser Steven Leeds. One day in his Swedish steam shower, Steven smelt burning hair. Some experts say that the smelling of burning hair is a precursor to a massive stroke. What they don’t tell you is that it can also be caused by an electrical failure in a cheaply made Scandinavian death trap marketed as a steam shower.

The turn of the century treated Steven Leeds a lot better than the last. A young Steven excelled in his theatrical ambitions and amassed numerous athletic achievements. Steven played collegiate basketball for Devry University with his most notable performance coming against the University of Phoenix Online. He also put up a triple double in a riveting game against their much hated rivals, ITT Tech. In his senior year he was named “Humanitarian of the Year” by the Associated Press for killing a shark that was about attack a fellow human.

Obviously none of that is true, if it wasn’t obvious, maybe this isn’t the site for you. Steven Leeds is a Stand Up Comedian and Actor currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He is available for corporate events, bachelor parties, and the occasional bris.